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October 12, 2008



So glad to see you smiling!!

laura vegas

i think you look adorable in your costume! and you took some great pics! i know what you're saying though ... i'm extremely self-concious and i know how much it shows in everything i do. i wish i had more confidence sometimes.

Glenda Tkalac

You look totally adorable!! It's so nice to put a face to the name as I just see a little tiny avatar on SIS! haha

Jenna Schrock

I saw one of those german lass costumes in Los Angeles! I like the german girl costume on you - though you should have tied your hair like one of those silly locks; and a little bit of cosmetic magic won't hurt too! Speaking of real vampires, I wonder if they have a dentist? Is he a vampire too, or just being threatened to take care of their flesh-sinking fangs or else, they'll suck his blood? LOL.

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