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July 23, 2008


Lea Lawson

You won a little RAK on my blog! Be sure to check it out!



Katie!! this is just more proof that your dad is still there taking care of you, he can't do it himself anymore, but he is not going to leave you stranded!! Take some comfort in knowing you have a wonderful guardian angel!!


Katie, I just now found your blog...I'm a little late. I ordered some things in the past from you and received a message about the warehouse sale. Of course I won't be able to take advantage of it as I am in Texas!!! oh well. But just reading back through you blog I want to say I am so sorry and touched by your words about your dad. I have been going through alot with my dad recently moving him into a smaller place, dealing with all of his daily affairs, worry about him at the age of 75 and I end up upset with him lots of time for not trying. But after reading through your blog I am crying and thinking how utterly stupid and selfish I am! I am so lucky to still have him and I am sooo sorry for your loss. I am so sorry that his time with you was cut short and my heart goes out to you. Thanks to your blog I will handle the situation with my dad a lot different. I will be thankful for everything that I have to deal with as at least he is still here. Thank you for blogging your experience. AND WHAT ABOUT US CUSTOMERS SO FAR AWAY??? can you do grab bag or something???


Total cuteness!

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