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April 07, 2008


mandy starner

B looks hott in pink!!!


Wow, I'm getting chills just reading your post. I don't know how I'd feel if I were you. Happy maybe? How do these visions make you feel? I'm sure you're still in somewhat of a shock, but do you perhaps feel comforted at all? Maybe he's trying to let you know he's okay. Have you talked to anyone about this?


I don't think you're crazy, I think you're being comforted from beyond because you need it. I think he's saying he's still around and taking care of you...just my thoughts. I don't think I've been here to your blog before, but I wanted you to know that your loss touched me. I had to, as in had to know, what happened to your dad...cuz I saw the motorcycles and bout sent myself into a full blown panic attack. I was in a motorcycle accident last september and while the broken bone is pretty much healed (although I'm still limping and having pain) I'm not sure I'll ever get over emotional impact my accident had on my life. So many things, but all that to say this - I'm so sorry about your so sorry for your loss.


hey girl, you are not crazy. just missing your dad! you've got anxiety and probably some ptsd going on. it's okay. you'll be okay. i love ya and i was so glad to help you on sunday! B looks so good in my jacket and yay for him taking pictures of us in action, woot woot!!!


I know you aren't crazy...that's part of the healing process. Your Dad is still there with you and always will be.
Glad the sale went so well and Congrats to Amanda and Amy!!


Kt you are not crazy. My mom still has things of Ross happen. She will tell someone she misses him and then she will smell his cologne. This has happened twice. He has been gone almost a year!!! I think it is totally normal. We love you Katie Bug!!!


Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks! Whatever wil be, will be. Hope you continue to heal. You and your family are still in our prayers. My six year old son prays every night and his first grade class prays for you in chapel praye request. Be good to, you.

corinne delis

not crazy at all. that my sweet friend is your dad, his spirit is never far away and this is his way to show you that he is still there for you and still supports you. You have to consider yourself very lucky to have experienced this because not many people are able to see the spirit , just smell them or other things. cherish them and know he is never far away, maybe it will help you to get through your mourning.

love corinnexxx

Alicia Sharp

I was getting worried about you! I had not seen you posting! I do not think you are crazy! I totally believe in that stuff! He will always be there for you and help you when you need that little push! Try to stay strong and I am still praying for you!!

Meg Feroli

Wow, that is so cool!! Corinne is right, few people are lucky enough to have such a vivid visitation, treasure it! Your dad is trying to help you get through this, and he did exactly what you had been wanting him to do - walk through the door for you to see him one more time. Stay strong!!

Bobbi in KY

You're not crazy.......

You are still in my thoughts and prayers, not a day goes by that I don't think of you and your dad

Wendy Reed

Girl.... you are such a sweetie! Things will get better over time. You will never stop missing your father, he is still with you.

I hope you made a TON of moola at your sale.


Kim FAucher

4 years ago, when I lost my mom, a similiar thing happened. Its not something you ever "get over". He is always with you and that thought is what gets me through the days on those rough ones.
I"m glad to read your sale went well.Wish I lived closer!
Take care,
Kim Faucher


Katie, I truly believe he is watching out for you. He wants you to know he's okay and you need to get off the couch. My prayers are with you.


In my previous post, I didn't mean to "get off the couch" in a mean way. I know it is hard. Your dad must love you so very much to reassure you. If I could, I would give you a hug!!


I think the Jacket is AWESOME and
the sale on sunday was something
a man needs to experience every once and a while. This is the first time posting a comment I hope you get this I love you

Lisa M

Katie.. Absolutely positively not.. You are in no way crazy. You miss your father so terribly and he's just comforting you and letting you know he's ok and you too will be ok.. Our dearly departed loved ones are always around us and jump in when they know we truly need them. He's all around you and will always be with you. Don't be afraid.. Tell him you love him.. :) Hugs,


No, you aren't crazy. When my dad died my mom said the closet door used to open up and someone used to call at around the same time every morning - 5 am but no one was there. Then I was born around that time. Lots of other things too that give me chills..

Glad you did well at your sale!

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