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March 25, 2008



Just saw your email about this post. Love the pictures of your Dad wearing the Creative Cafe shirt. Not many men would do that!

Let's see.. I'll try to think of something different from my last post about the on-line store... I like to be able to put things in a "wish list" for ordering later. Of course, I could never order ALL that I want but it is nice to go back to when you are ready to order. I really LOVE challenges and love to see the design team's pages/ideas. I always seem to copy ideas instead of come up with my own!

Jennifer Findlay

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My prayers ar with you.

As far as your question about an online site I post if the community there seems really welcoming and inclusive. I hate when it is clique-y. Like when it is only the DT that talk to each other and not the other members. As far as the shop is concerned a wish list is great, but also some sort of point system and competitive prices. Lots of LSS offer point cards so why would I want to order online and pay shipping when I can go to the LSS for less, KWIM?

Gos bless you and your family.

Jenn Findlay


I am so glad to hear that you are so eager to move forward. I have posted several times here and on Danelle's blog and have not stopped praying for your family.
As far as what I like to see, in a store ease of finding what your looking for seems a given but a lot of times "easy" isn't a given. I guess well categorized is what I mean. It's also nice that if your registered in a store, and you have to leave the site for whatever reason, to be able to have your cart saved instead of losing all your items in cart.
In galleries/forums I like challenges, and again being able to post on the gallery should be user friendly or I shy away. Having a non-offensive postive board is always a plus.
Hope this helps. Keep doing good, KT a little at a time =)

Amanda Mac

I'm glad to see you posting again, Katie. I've been thinking about you a lot lately.

I've also been thinking about your website question, and here are a few things I came up with:

1. An in-stock selection - lately every site I go to seems to be out of just the things I want to buy.

2. A wishlist - for obvious reasons.

3. A good search engine - I've seen several sites with engines that don't work well and I get so frustrated I leave.

4. Clear, large pictures of the product being sold - sometimes I know exactly what I am looking for, but when it comes to choosing things like paper and smaller embellishments, I want to see more than a thumbnail-sized image.

5. For the MB - I like a well-moderated board, but not overly censored, either. Trolls will forever be a problem, but I often wonder about the sites that delete all the negative posts. Do they realize they're getting really good feedback that they can act on to improve their business?

6. I like a gallery in the moderately-paced range. If it goes too fast, it's hard to keep up, and it's boring when it moves too slow. Also, having a good profile setup is nice.

I honestly shop at the stores that have the products I want. I'm not the most loyal customer, though I typically have my favorites that I search out first. I won't wait on my fave store to stock something if another store has it.

Shipping costs factor greatly, too. I don't want to pay $20 to ship a packet of stickers, brads, and a bottle of Stickles that would fit in a small padded manila envelope. I'm all for paying what it really costs to ship an item, but I don't like to see a site trying to make money off the shipping costs.

I should probably quit now. ;)


Katie, I'm happy to see this post! still thinking and praying for your family. big hugs :)

Holly Terra

I have been thinking of a way to answer your question about an online store. Here are a few things that I have LOVED. A friend of mine told me about an online store (not scrapbooking) that offered shipping for $8.95 for ALL YOU COULD FIT IN THE POs 12x12 box. That means that you pulling the order would be on your own time, and you would break even on the shipping. She orders EVERYTHING she can from them and usually ends up buying more b.c . the shipping stays the same. I ordered for 2 Peas the other day b/c I had a $50.00 gift card and the shipping was $10.00. I only got PP and a few Elsie things...

Just an idea, but I know of a lot of people that HATE the shipping costs and would go where they cold get all the best and new supplies for less.

Did I just babble?

Bobbi in KY

Of course I sent you an email...but....

1. I agree challenges are good, and ones that aren't announced keeps people looking daily for fear of missing something.

2. Colors and LO of the MB mean a lot to mean, who wants to look at a boring screen.

3. I really hate descriptions that don't tell how many of something you a pad of journaling notes for $3.99-is that two notes or twenty, it makes a difference

4. Free shipping if you order a certain dollar amt - like $50 or $100-that often makes me order a few more things

5. My LSS has a queen of the crop club. for a $25 membership you get 10% off for the rest of the calendar year.

6. Accessible DT members-that we've actually heard of.

That's about it


Meg Feroli

Happy to see those wheels turning in your head again girl!! We will all be here to help you get back on your feet!! I love the ideas that people are sending in, I also like when we have online crops, challenges and I like the idea of guest designers!! Can't wait till I'm up there pulling orders with you again!! Every day a little stronger sweets!!

Sherry DeRose

Hi KT,
I've been following you on 2 peas after the accident with your Father. I was so sad to read of his passing. My heart breaks for you & your Mom. Please know that I'm thinking of you & praying that you get the strength from your Dad to go on & continue with your Scrapbooking store & your on-line store. He would be so proud of you.
My thoughts on an in store would be:
1. When showcasing a new product, item, use it in or on a project/card/layout. So many times we women are impulse buyers that if we see it used we are so much more likely to purchase it on the spot. I started scrapping/stamping 20 years ago before it was really cool. Now I'm in my early 40's I wish I knew then what I know now...Wow!!!
2. Hire employees who "really" know how to scrap & stamp. I've been into shops/stores to ask a question about a specific product & they just look at you like a deer in the headlights kinda look.
There's not much I don't know, but with so many wonderful products coming out, there are questions sometimes.
3. When you're making a project, or offering a class & you're making a demo of what the class will be making, have a kit ready to sell with instructions. I sometimes shop at a specific owned store & would love to buy the kit because I can't always make the class, I'd love to just purchase the kit & go ahead with it... But they don't have the time to put one together usually until the class is over.

For now that's it, as I think of more things, I'll drop you a tip.

Sherry D


Still sending prayers of comfort to you and your family!

I have 4 online stores that I frequent for purchases. The reason I like these stores, is because 1. They are priced reasonably. 2. They have free shipping after you spend a reasonable ammount. If I'm spending $40, I'm more willing to spend another $25 to get free shipping rather than having to get to $100 to get free shipping. Also, if you don't want to spend more than what's in your basket, shipping is still reasonable. 3. Items arrive promptly. If I'm inspired by something, I want to get it in my hands and play!!! 4. Always responds to questions or inquiries quickly! and just has an overall friendly feel to the environment for shopping. For participation, in a forum or gallery, I just look for a encouraging, creative and friendly environment. NO DRAMA!!

Hugs to you! Can't wait to see your store up and running!


Hi - How lucky you are to have so much support coming your way. I know it doesn't erase the pain...hopefully allows you to grieve and know you aren't alone.

What I like in scrapbook stores. I like to feel welcome... not an "outsider" because I'm not a "regular". I've stopped shopping at stores due to that fact. I like the aisles to allow me to see what is displayed vs. bumping my butt into the rack behind me or another person. I like "light"... and a casual atmosphere. I'm creating memories about my life... and need to feel warmth not stuffiness.

Lisa M

Hi Katy... Sending you huge cyber hugs to help get through today.. Please remember, one day at a time, 1 hour at a time, 1 minute at a time, 1 second at a time... :) One can only imagine your pain and sorrow if they haven't walked in your shoes...

I am glad to see that you've begun to move forward. I would love your online store to..
1) only show in stock products. There's noting worse then adding something to your cart to get the error message that it's out of stock.. and,

2) definately reasonably priced shipping and handling. I've stopped shopping from a few online stores because their s&h some times were almost as much as the order it's self. You may even want to consider UPS vs. the USPS.


I am thinking it would be nice to have a wishlist for our continued shopping efforts. I love embellishments, ribbon, grungeboard, etc.


I am thinking it would be nice to have a wishlist for our continued shopping efforts. I love embellishments, ribbon, grungeboard, etc.


Katie, even when you have to force yourself to get up and do something, you are so right about it being what your Dad would want. I'm glad to see you doing that.

You already know I LOVE your store and mb! If the new store is like the old one, the only thing I would change...get it back soon! (I know you're in the process.)

I believe your MB is the best. It's so friendly and welcoming and the DT rocks! Everything about the board is positive. I love the challenges, different ideas posted for inspiration and of course the gallery!

Hugs and looking forward to the new store!

Wendy Reed

Don't put me in on the RAK sweetie, I wanted to say I am so happy to see you back posting! HUGS!!!

Ok, let's see:

1. Easy direction, I love it when you can find your way around with no problems.

2. Categories! Specific categories are nice... i.e. buttons instead of embellishments, chipboard instead of embellishments, patterned paper instead of just paper.

3. Clear & large images! I like to be able to click on an image and see it larger. Sometimes you can't read some of the rubons and such and to be able to make it bigger is nice.

4. I like a white background in a shop. Sometimes I think colored backgrounds can distract the eye from the true color of something.

5. Multi-pick! Let's say I was at Creative Imags page and there was a ton of their different ribbon on one page. I like to be able to click a box for each one or whatever and then at the bottom click add to my cart. Then there isn't a whole lot of flipping back and forth between pages.

6. When you put something in your cart and you click "keep shopping" I LOVE it when it brings you back to EXACTLY where you were when you put the last item in your cart. Sometimes those bring you back to the main shopping page or page #1 of the type of item you were looking at.

Hmmmmmmmmm... that's all I can think of for now! HTH! LOL... I pretty much just blabbered huh?




Many thoughts and prayers to you and your family!

As for an online store these things are at the top of my list:

1) wish list
2) reasonable shipping & handling
3) out of stock indicator
4) idea gallary


Sorry about your dad!

I like a mb where people are nice and there is not a lot of bickering. Where you can post a question or comment and not feel like someone will jump all over you or make you feel like a dummy.

As far as an online store.....that's easy. New stuff, good prices and fast shipping. OH and let me know at the time of placing the order if something is out of stock.


For me, I just want the items to be in stock & not on pre-order when shopping online.

Your store looks wonderful! And how sweet of you to offer such an amazing RAK!

Deb Wisker

First and foremost I look for honesty and integrity. I look for competitive pricing, vairety and creativity. I also look at return policies and cancellation policies (if the store has a kit club)
If there is an online forum I look for cohesiveness among posters and make sure people are not caddy and are nice to eachother.
Good luck with reopening and you are very lucky to have such supportive parents! Hope all goes well! I have also added you to my favorites! I love online shopping!

pomaika`i scrapaloha

KT, I saw your post on the board at 2 peas. I am so sorry for your loss and send Aloha to your and your Mom. I can see what a truly special person your Dad was.

As for a store. I think for me, it would be reasonable prices and the killer of many deals is shipping. It would be great if you could have the free shipping after a certain amount, the flat rate shipping, and flexibility, when someone only wants to buy a pack of buttons or a stamp, to charge less than the usual "one price fits all" shipping. (i.e. who would pay $5 shipping for one sheet of stamps...) ;)

As for a MB, I like a clean, easy to navigate board. I don't like it when people are not included in discussions no matter how hard they try. I belong to a small board and it's hard when the only people are the DT, but we really go out of our way to include everyone who stops by.

Oh, and I love a board that is positive, helpful and friendly.
Take care of yourself and continued good wishes to you. Aloha nui!


Hi, I just stumbled on your blog and wanted to offer my prayers for you, your family and your dad. I just backtracked on a couple of your posts and felt how confused and emotional it must have all been for all of you. Here's praying for the best for you and your family. Sending cyberhugs your way.

Also, if it's okay, I'd like to offer some of my own experiences of some online stores I love to visit.
1. Regularly updated stuff. Has to be original, funky, fresh, not necessarily new, but with a definite fresh style.
2. A great DT. Have tons of inspiration and tutorials to share.
3. Online challenges are great, especially with prizes.
4. A friendly store owner who doesn't mind answering questions and is friendly. =)

Good luck on reopening your store. Looking forward to finding out how it goes.

Oh and a P.S. 5. An informative newsletter that regularly updates on new stuff from the store and maybe a tutorial or two is great too. =)

Good luck and God bless!


KT, May God continue to help you and your family through this time. I love that picture of your dad and I am so happy for you that he was such a great support in your life...that must make you feel good.

I joined KT boards in January and I love it there - the girls are all so friendly and entertaining. I love that they give praise in the gallery too. I have not purchased anything from the store...yet...but what I like in an online store, besides fair prices and fair shipping stuff and having it in stock as much as possible. I am looking forward to shopping from here once it is up again.

Take Care!!


Hi there.

So sorry for your loss. Your father looks adorable with he t-shirt on. What a man. You can really tell the love you shared from your tender words of him. What a wonderful blessing to have such a wonderful relationship.

Ideas for a store... I agree that you need to have workers that know how to scrapbook. It is so aggravating when they don't.
~If you do a special order for something, make them pay first, I've seen this backfire for many people and the owner gets stuck with the stuff because someone may change their mind.
~Try to offer the newest hottest items that big box stores do not get.
~Be kind... us shoppers get cranky ya know!!

Good luck with your store and with your grieving!

Debbie W

(((HUGS))) for the passing of your Father. He is still with you looking down upon you everyday.

Good luck with your store. I hope it is a big success!

Some of the ideas that I had if I were to open a store would be.

Gift with purchase.
Weather it be a monthly give-a-way, or a % off next time or a punch card type of deal.

I really like to showcase other peoples work that arn't known.

Organizational features and tips.
I know a lot of women that won't start scrapbooking because they feel overwhelmed of the piles of photos.If we could some how reach these ladies they could be helped.

Congrats and good luck.
If I think of any others I will come back and post.

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